“As a teaching artist, Tyrone brings a masterful combination of technical ability and mentorship that young people truly resonate with. He’s had a huge impact working with youth in Seattle as part of The Residency and I know he’s doing the same in Milwaukee.” – Grammy award winning artist Macklemore

“I have seen DJ Bizzon and DJ Loop connect well with youth, elders and everything in between–showcasing their command of the classroom as teaching artists. DJ Bizzon is unquestionably seen as a mentor inside and outside of the classroom while DJ Loop provides a visualization how artist can use this platform to bring their stories forward.” – Xela Garcia, E.D. of Walker’s Point Center For The Arts

“DJing is something that I always knew I would do and be great at. I even talked with one of the best here and he wasn’t afraid to tell me about how much money equipment cost. That was a barrier for me; growing up without any access to those tools, mainly because of money. So much so that I shoved the dream into my back pocket. Some years later, I’d heard mentionings of free DJ classes being hosted by DJ Bizzon, the first and only DJ I’d seen play and LOVED my Freshmen year of college. One day, I decided to walk over to Scratch Sessions, held at an art gallery right down the street I was staying and it has changed my life. It was important for me to finally get my hands on some vinyls and be close to someone able to teach me techniques I’d wanted to master. From the first couple of classes, I was able to gain support in starting a DJ career for myself, while being encouraged to get better, as well as, show and teach others about what I have learned.” – Dria aka DJ Dripsweat

“Going to the Scratch Sessions has truly changed my life professionally and personally. Because of the Scratch Sessions I’ve been given opportunities to take my career as a DJ to a whole other level. I’ve been able to connect with other artists in my community and even be able to perform alongside them. There have been many great opportunities to volunteer my time and help out in my community. Besides the improvements for my professional career, I’ve made some great friends through the Scratch Sessions. Making the decision to attend the Scratch Sessions was definitely the best choice I’ve made in my career as a DJ.” – Isaiah aka DJ Ill-Tek

“What Scratch Sessions and Tyrone have personally taught me is invaluable. I’ve learned how to navigate business as an artist, found a creative outlet that has brought me so much joy, and had so many doors open to collaborate with other artists and events across the US and now in Southeast Asia. I’ve seen it change so many lives of talented creative women in my life too. Some of them are making their careers DJing now, with the jump off being Scratch Sessions and endless support from Tyrone. Scratch Sessions is an amazing community resource that keeps on giving, it’s so powerful it thrives on its own. Tyrone has put his soul into it and Milwaukee is beyond lucky to have Scratch Sessions exist.” – Lian aka DJ Lotusmark

The scratch sessions has been an incredible tool and opportunity. Tyrone and Juan showed me new skills and taught me business ideals that have helped me grow as a person and businessperson. Anyone looking to learn a new skill or just pick up a new hobby should check out the Scratch Sessions.” – Jose aka DJ Patron

“Those sessions were the highlight of my new life. The Scratch Session of Walkers Point Art Center provided so much to me including a new found sense of pride. It provided me confidence in self-discovery. It allowed me to fulfill a childhood dream of playing music for my city that lacked encouragement and diversity. Lastly, learning the craft of DJing encouraged me to be a role model to other young Latinas to pursue their dream of becoming a DJ or an artist, no matter what age or stage of life. Mr. Bizzon is not only an asset to the DJ community, but an avid supporter of his students even well after graduating from his program. He has come to a few of my DJ sets and has continuously provided advice and support on how to even navigate the local Milwaukee music scene. Furthermore, through his networking channels, I have been able to make valuable and progressive connections with fellow local female DJs who are also women of color. Tyrone remains invested in the success of his fellow students that take his class and continues to provide the city of Milwaukee the positive outlet needed in the urban community.” – Lucia aka DJ Quilla

“It’s crucial for a majority of young people learning a new craft to have a mentor, or at least someone by whom they feel seen, in order to stick with the learning and reap the benefits. As someone who worked in a daycare all throughout college, and spent a year tutoring and mentoring elementary students, I can guarantee Tyrone is the best possible mentor and educator for a youth-focused music program. He is extremely knowledgeable, always inclusive of all skill levels and ages, makes people feel capable and excited with infectious energy, and goes out of his way to offer his students opportunities for further practice and experience with DJing gigs. It was always cool to see parents coming to watch their kids learn, and getting interested in new music and the technique as well.” – Maddy

DJ Bizzon has been an incredible mentor. He mentored me and taught me how to DJ throughout a series of workshops for women and youth. From the beginning he was always helpful in teaching me turntables basics and skills that can be applied to an array of music styles. Bizzon has also been incredible and supportive by letting me ask questions not only about music, but DJ professionalism and networking.” Ashely aka DJ Delilac

“DJ Bizzon and Scratch Sessions have changed my life. That may sound a little over dramatic but it’s 100 percent true. At this point I’m one of the longest-tenured members, and I’m close to graduating. It has given me the confidence to do something new and go further into music. Tyrone is a great teacher, and got me from a beginner who knew nothing to someone who could start playing out in under a year. He has equipped me with all the skills I need to know, but also instilled a passion to continue with the practice, and push myself even harder. He has helped students, including myself, further their dreams and succeed. This is one of the best programs in the city.” – Julien

“I began my journey with the Scratch Sessions three years ago as I was starting high school. It originally was not my idea to join but one from my family. However, after the first few classes I was hooked. By the time of the first performance, I had made many social strides and had decided to make a bold move and do a twenty minute set of Reggae music, significantly different than the rest of my class; this, in turn, taught me that individuality is nothing to be afraid of and that it will only strengthen you. The next major hurdle I crossed with this class was starting on my own. After the move out of the Jazz Gallery on Center St and the change in days the classes occurred it became increasingly difficult to attend classes and if I wished to continue forward I had to take it upon myself to do so. The best solution was to start doing gigs on a semi-regular bases. Even though I was no longer attending classes, Tyrone still guided me in my business helping me with acquiring equipment and gathering songs. Tyrone had placed the groundwork for a large sum of income for me and that will assist me throughout my life.” – Sam aka DJ White Chocolate